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1. What is a Privacy Policy

1.1. Before using the Hop AI website, it is important that you carefully read this PRIVACY POLICY, which will be referred to as “Policy” from now on. This document aims to preserve and protect your privacy and data. We would like to remind you that this Policy and the services provided by Hop AI are in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13.709/18) and other applicable regulations.

1.2. By using our website, you agree to this Privacy Policy, and you can access it whenever you wish. Your data is collected, stored, and used by Hop AI with the intention of providing the best possible experience for you.

1.3. This Policy may undergo changes over time. Any alterations will be indicated, and the date of the last modification will be stated at the beginning.

1.4. We, at Hop AI, inform you that your personal data, even if not mentioned in this policy, may be processed by us, respecting one of the legal bases of art. 7 of the LGPD.

1.5. If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact us via email at

1.6. Throughout this document, you will come across some concepts. Therefore, we list below the definitions of each one of them.

  • 1.6.1. USER: Any person who accesses the Hop AI website (, thereby gaining access to its functionalities.
  • 1.6.2. ADMINISTRATOR USER: Refers to the USER responsible for including DERIVED USERS on the platform.
  • 1.6.3. DERIVED USER: The USER added to the platform by the ADMINISTRATOR USER, including collaborators and third parties related to the ADMINISTRATOR USER.
  • 1.6.4. PROSPECT: Refers to the USER who has filled out one of our forms on the website.

2. How is this Privacy Policy organized?

2.1. In this Policy, we explain, regarding your data:

2.1.1. What are the sources of the collected data.

2.1.2. What data is collected.

2.1.3. Why the data is collected and how it is used.

2.1.4. With whom and why it is shared.

2.1.5. How it is stored and protected.

2.2. To be clearer, “collecting data” means that we will have access to personal information provided by you. This information allows us to identify you.

3. What are the sources of the collected data?

3.1. This Policy applies to Personal Data collected through the following sources:

3.1.1. Forms within our website.

3.1.2. First-party cookies (those created and managed by our platform).

3.1.3. Third-party cookies (those created by other websites that have a portion of the content shown on the page, such as advertisements or images, e.g., Google and Facebook).

3.1.4. Data provided by third parties, such as and Skrapp.

3.1.5. Data collected from social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, or from official websites of the federal government. To learn more about cookies and how to disable them, please refer to clause 7 of this Policy.

3.2. HOP informs that in cases where we obtain your data from third parties, we always seek third parties who have privacy policies compatible with the LGPD.

3.3. In particular, if you want to learn more about how our mentioned partners, and Skrapp, collect, store, and process your data, please access their Privacy Policies:

3.3.1. Privacy Policy |

3.3.2. Skrapp: Skrapp – Data Policy.

3.4. The data collected through the sources mentioned in sections 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 are always processed in accordance with the legitimate interest of the data subject and will be deleted or anonymized after fulfilling their purpose.

4. What data do we collect?

4.1. By filling out one of our forms on the Hop AI website, you provide the following information:

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4.2. During the use of the website, navigation data such as the number of clicks are also automatically collected.

5. What is the purpose of collecting this data?

5.1. This information and data are collected for the following purposes:

5.2. By providing this data on our website, you consent to its collection and the aforementioned purposes.

5.3. In the event of a change in the purpose of the data provided through one of our forms on the website, we will contact you to request new consent.

5.4. We also remind you that you can unsubscribe your email from our database at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe option available at the bottom of the emails sent to you.

6. Does the Hop AI website collect sensitive data?

6.1. Initially, we need to understand what sensitive data is. According to the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), sensitive personal data refers to personal data concerning racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership, or data concerning health or sex life, genetic or biometric data when linked to a natural person.

6.2. The Hop AI website does not collect any type of sensitive personal data.

7. Cookies and External Links

7.1. The Hop AI website identifies and stores information about users and visitors through Cookies, which are text files intended to enhance your experience with us.

7.2. However, you have the freedom to disable Cookies. To do so, simply deactivate the option to save and read data from Cookies in the settings of the browser you are using. It is also possible to prevent Cookies through antivirus software if you have it installed on your computer or mobile device.

7.3. The external links occasionally present on our pages that direct to other websites, platforms, or social media are not covered by this Privacy Policy. The addresses of these links may collect different information about you for other purposes and in ways that differ from our policy. Therefore, we ask that you carefully review the Privacy Policies and Terms of Use of these respective services.

8. Data Storage

8.1. The data collected by Hop AI is stored for the period necessary to process it according to its purposes and/or legal requirements.

8.2. Your data will be stored on a cloud server called Locaweb, located in Brazil. You can access the Privacy Policy of this server through the following link: Policies – Locaweb.

8.3. User data integration is done via SSL, which creates an encrypted channel for data transfer.

9. Procedures in case of data incidents

9.1. No security method is 100% foolproof. For this reason, at Hop AI, we prepare for potential incidents involving data, such as leaks or website breaches.

9.2. In such a situation, we will follow the following procedure:

9.2.1. Sending notifications to all individuals who have provided their data to the platform, to alert them about the incident and any possible approaches made on behalf of Hop AI. 9.2.2. Indicating the security measures taken to mitigate potential damage and protect their data.

10. Information and data correction

10.1. As provided in the General Data Protection Law, you have the right to request information about the data we hold about you at any time.

10.2. If you have filled out any of the forms available on our website, you may correct, modify, or update the provided data by contacting our data protection officer at the email address You also have the right to request the deletion of your data at any time. However, please note that if there are any legal or regulatory requirements, Hop AI is obligated to retain your data for the period specified by law.

10.3. Additionally, you can contact us to obtain information about the processing of your data, which will be provided to you free of charge and in a clear manner.

10.4. To obtain any information about your data, simply contact us via email at [insert email], and we will respond within 15 (fifteen) days. Through this email, you can also request data portability and revoke your consent for data processing.

11. Data Sharing

11.1. We understand your concern for the privacy of your data. Therefore, Hop AI will only share the collected data (whether personal or business) with companies that are part of its partner network, responsible for the development of complementary solutions and therefore requiring such data for their proper functioning.

11.2. Additionally, your data may also be used for internal research or investigations conducted solely by the Hop AI team, and such information will not be disclosed in a manner that allows individual user identification.

11.3. Furthermore, by this Policy, you consent to the sharing of your data in a de-identified manner, which may be used for advertising purposes of the Platform.

11.4. Finally, we remind you that the protection of the collected business data is further specified in the Terms of Use, under the chapter “CONFIDENTIALITY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HOP DIGITAL AND USER”.

12. Your Rights as the Data Subject

Finally, it is important to mention that as the data subject, you have rights guaranteed by Hop AI, as provided in the General Data Protection Law, including:

Confirmation of whether one or more data processing activities are being carried out.

Access to the personal data that pertains to you and is being stored.

Correction of any incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated personal data.

Elimination of unnecessary or excessive personal data, or if its processing is unlawful.

Portability of data to another service or product provider, subject to commercial and industrial secrets.

Deletion of data (except when the processing is lawful, even without the consent of the data subject).

Information about the sharing of your data with public and private entities, if applicable.

Information about the non-consent, i.e., the option to not authorize the processing and the consequences of such refusal.

Revocation of consent, as provided by law.

Complaint against the data controller to the national authority.

Objection if you disagree with the processing done without your consent and consider it irregular.