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Solutions with the ChatGPT API or other OpenAI models are with Hop AI.

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    Generative AI is here to stay.

    OpenAI’s AI models can be used in real-world market applications in various ways. With access to ready-made model APIs, we can automate complex natural language tasks such as chatbots, customer service, and content management. Additionally, with fine-tuning, we can personalize the models to meet your specific needs, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes.

    OpenAI’s natural language models offer innovative solutions, making interaction with technology and text content production more fluid and efficient, delighting users worldwide.

    Hop AI can develop your innovative solution with OpenAI’s ChatGPT APIs in conjunction with other complementary AI algorithms.

    We utilize the most advanced techniques and methodologies in the market to define, validate, develop, and deliver innovative solutions with ChatGPT and other available OpenAI models.

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    ChatGPT can be used as a co-pilot for lawyers, speeding up the production of legal documents throughout the legal process and providing answers by consulting contracts, work instructions, and other documents within the organization.


    Provide information about procedures, treatments, and exams to patients and healthcare professionals. Improve the customer service experience through appointment scheduling, patient screening, and health education.

    Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

    Generate technical reports and specifications for materials management, production planning and control, supplies, and manufacturing with ChatGPT. Access critical information easily throughout the production process.

    Software Development

    Accelerate your development team's work with the production of code, unit testing, increasing code performance and quality, and automatically capturing business rules and development decisions in text.

    Customer Service

    Transform your chatbot into a powerful communication, personalization, and engagement tool with the full power of ChatGPT responses. Create a unique and personalized customer service experience.


    Create an engine for generating unprecedented content, increasing the knowledge, speed, and capacity of your writers. Create personalized campaigns with attractive content that generates results.