Simplify your work and be more efficient with the assistance of an Artificial Intelligence trained for the legal sector.


of the time spent by lawyers is dedicated to monotonous and operational tasks, not exclusive to the legal practice

According to a survey conducted by Fenalaw, the largest and main legal market fair in Latin America, the Brazilian market generates over 50 billion Brazilian reais annually.

Even though it’s such a significant market, a major portion of its routine consists of tedious and operational tasks that are not exclusive to the legal profession. This makes it a suitable environment for automation, utilizing tools like ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs).

This is where our new solution comes in, Legalhop.

Built upon the GPT model and specially trained using legal data along with the data from your law firm or company, you have a true legal powerhouse at your disposal, available 24/7.

With the support of LegalHop, you’ll gain more time and resources to dedicate to strategic and high-value tasks, while enhancing the quality of operational outputs.

With Legalhop, you will experience the key benefits of the power of AI.

Significant increase in lawyers’ productivity, enabling the allocation of time and resources to higher-value tasks, such as strategy and decision-making.

Reduction of operational costs, as the automation of repetitive and operational tasks will yield quicker and more accurate results, allowing for resource reduction in these tasks.

gnificant enhancement of overall quality in the legal services provided, thanks to the accuracy and consistency offered by artificial intelligence and its extensive learning capabilities.

Democratization of access to legal information and knowledge, facilitating collaboration among professionals and expanding the ability to address complex issues swiftly.

Are you a visionary law firm constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance your processes and business efficiency?

LegalHop Preview is designed for you!

It’s a unique opportunity to collaborate with us to drive and anticipate the benefits of the LegalHop platform in your company, with AI support.

By participating, you’ll have the chance to test, validate, and contribute to the evolution of the solution, anticipating efficiency gains in processes through AI-assisted production of all legal documents.

Explore the plans and discover which one aligns with your needs.

Corporate Plan

The most affordable entry point to enhance your legal processes with LegalHop AI, without compromising your budget.

● 100% of the invested amount returned in credits for solution usage

● Early and exclusive access to the developed solution, providing a competitive edge in the market and enhancing efficiency in legal document production.

● Active participation in the development process, ensuring the solution meets your firm’s specific needs and optimizes internal processes.

● Free training and technical support during the solution implementation phase, including integration with internal systems via API.

● Opportunity to enhance the firm’s brand value by associating it with innovation and cutting-edge technology in the legal industry.

Master Plan

Enables your company to progress rapidly by integrating your expertise and business intelligence with the texts generated by LegalHop AI.

With a higher investment, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits and an even more personalized solution!

● All the benefits of the Entry plan.

● Training of models with proprietary data for greater customization of generated texts, leveraging the business intelligence developed over years of your firm’s operation.

● Higher accuracy and precision in document generation.

● Specific APIs for the use of proprietary models.

● 100% of the invested amount returned in credits for solution usage.

I want 😉

Seize this opportunity to be at the forefront of the technological revolution in Brazilian law and optimize your operations from legal document production to decision-making with AI-extracted metadata.

Engage with our expert team and discover how to harness the power of LegalHop Preview!

    Frequently Asked Questions about LegalHop

    The standard ChatGPT is a general model trained on various topics and contexts. Due to its generalist nature, its performance may vary depending on the task at hand. Our vision is to provide a specialized solution, tailored both to the legal sector and your company, with superior outcomes in terms of interaction quality, operational efficiency, and performance in specific tasks. Our solution is capable of delivering everything that GPT-4 offers and much more.

    LegalHop operates on four main pillars:

    ● Personalization: The model’s specialization allows your company to tailor it to specific needs such as terminology, domain knowledge, or writing style, enhancing the quality and relevance of responses provided by the model.

    ● Efficiency Improvement: A model fine-tuned to your company’s needs can handle specific tasks more effectively, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

    ● Reduced Training Time and Costs: Specialization leverages the pre-existing knowledge of the GPT model, enabling satisfactory results to be achieved with less time and resources compared to training a model from scratch.

    ● Data Privacy: By refining the model with your company’s internal data, it’s possible to ensure that the model is trained on sensitive and industry-specific information, maintaining data privacy and security.

    LegalHop is implemented collaboratively with your team and tailored to your needs, consisting of the following high-level stages:

    Onboarding Validation Pilots Initial Adoption Scale Adoption