About Us

Hop AI is a company specializing in delivering customized Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Our mission is to ensure that all our clients benefit from the use of AI at scale in their operations

We help our clients overcome the challenges of putting AI into production and achieve real business results with it.

We offer a range of services to help businesses adopt and scale AI, including:

We have achieved greatness


International recognitions

IBM Beacon Awards 2019

Artificial Intelligence product developed with the support of Hop by Softplan receives global award for excellence and innovation with IBM cloud AI.


Long-standing partnership with IBM.

Gold-level partnership with IBM, over the years there have been more than:

  • 11 international recognitions received by our professionals (in cloud computing, AI, software engineering, and blockchain).
  • 4 presentations at events in the United States.
  • More than 50 technical certifications.

Highlight for our CTO.

Our CTO, Tiago Moura, received the lifetime recognition from IBM for the positive impact his technical contributions have made over the years to the worldwide community. In addition, he coordinated the creation of a postgraduate course in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and is an experienced professor at Fundação Dom Cabral. With a proven track record in AI leadership and innovation, our clients’ projects are always in good hands, with our team of technical experts and the leadership of our CTO.

“AI is the key to unlocking humanity’s true potential, helping us solve the greatest challenges and achieve the greatest accomplishments.”

– Tiago Moura, CTO of Hop AI

Our clients

No matter your sector or area of expertise, we deliver AI to your operation.

What our clients say about Hop AI

We have achieved the grandiose, now we pursue the memorable.


Here at Hop AI, we value collaboration and integration with your team to carry out all deliveries. Every journey will be collaboratively built and executed, which is why we set up Squads with specialist profiles that complement your team to ensure synergy and efficiency in the exchange of experiences and knowledge. The integrated Squad sets goals by quartile and interactively delivers results at each sprint, contributing to building an Artificial Intelligence-oriented culture.

We use agile methodologies and best practices to build, deploy, operate and govern machine learning models such as ModelOps and CRISP-ML. In addition, we take security, privacy and intellectual property seriously and follow international standards of practice and policy to ensure the protection of your data.

We also work with open technology standards, without restrictions or preferences for specific suppliers, being able to run in any environment, be it IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, OpenAI, or others. So no matter which cloud or if your environment is on-premise, we can deliver.

We are technology agnostic

We deliver your solution with open technologies and market standards. As technology agnostics, we have no preference for any specific platform or tool. Instead, our team focuses on choosing the most suitable technologies for each project, based on your requirements and goals.

In this way, we guarantee that the solution we deliver to the customer is in line with market standards and is built with open and accessible technologies. This allows our customers the freedom to continue to develop and expand the solution in the future without being locked into a specific platform or vendor.

Our goal is to provide customized technological solutions that meet the unique needs of each client, while adopting the best development practices and the most appropriate technologies to achieve project success. Discover our primary technology stack:

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