Discover how to collaboratively identify and develop the main Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunities in your organization.

Join leaders and managers from different areas and departments of your organization in the Hop High Five workshop and discover how AI can provide innovative opportunities and impactful solutions to elevate your company to a new level of excellence.

Hop-High-Five (HH5)

Discover and develop AI opportunities for your business. Collaborate, learn, and create AI solutions with Design Thinking and the AI Canvas.

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    Workshop Details

    Why participate?

    • Level up AI knowledge with stakeholders in your organization
    • Collaboratively identify and develop a prioritized list of key AI initiatives for your organization
    • Learn to use Design Thinking and AI Canvas methodologies to identify new opportunities
    • Evaluate the feasibility of starting an AI project to gain benefits in a few months

    Who is this workshop for?

    This workshop is recommended for groups of up to 12 people, including representatives from interested business areas and the technology and data team. A maximum of four business areas should participate in each workshop, with 2-3 representatives per area. It is essential that a decision-maker be present and participate throughout the event to define priorities when necessary.

    What will you learn?

    • How to successfully deliver AI projects
    • Identify goals and opportunities for AI in your organization
    • Create and present the AI Canvas pitch for selected use cases
    • Build a suggested roadmap for AI implementation in your company

    Workshop Format

    Hop High Five is delivered in up to four in-person days, lasting four hours per day. The process includes theoretical leveling on AI for all participants and the practice of AI use case evolution. Before the workshop, the tools to be used, the infrastructure provided, and the profile and involvement of each participant will be defined.


    • Overview training on how to successfully deliver AI projects
    • Defined goals of the AI and Advanced Analytics Journey
    • Mapped AI opportunities (use cases)
    • AI Canvas of key opportunities
    • Final executive presentation of selected use cases
    • Suggested roadmap presentation

    Participant Testimonials

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