Startup Summit 2023: The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity and the World of Work

In late August, I attended the Startup Summit 2023, a grandiose event that brought together more than 10,000 enthusiasts from the world of startups. It was an incredible experience, full of learnings and valuable connections.

📘 Lessons from Eric Ries:

Undoubtedly, the highlight was the closing lecture by Eric Ries, renowned author of “The Lean Startup” and one of the biggest references in entrepreneurship and innovation on the global scene. It was great to hear him talk about the mistake he made in the past by trying to develop software in total secrecy, believing that, being a super innovative idea, it would be an immediate success upon release. Of course, it ended up being a huge failure. From this mistake, one of the main learnings that would later become the book “Lean Startup” emerged. And, for those who do not know, Eric Ries was a student of the also renowned guru Steve Blank, of Customer Development.

🤖 Predictions of Singularity:

One of the most discussed themes was Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially after the arrival of ChatGPT. Ray Kurzweil, advisor to Bill Gates at Microsoft, predicted that the singularity – the moment when machines would surpass human intelligence – would occur by 2045. However, current predictions indicate that this may happen by 2030.

🌐 AI and the Future of Work:

Deborah Perry Piscione, co-founder of Work3 Institute, highlighted the generative AI technologies in Web3 and how they will affect the future of work. According to her, 50% of jobs will be automated by AIs in the next 15 years. She also mentioned the growing influence of the metaverse and how it is shaping the future of work.

🦠 Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic:

The Covid-19 pandemic also played a significant role in transforming work relationships. With people working from home, there has been a shift in the perception of the balance between work and personal life. In addition, the influence of younger generations, especially gamers, is shaping the way we perceive the digital world.

💡 Perspectives from Experts:

Other experts also shared their perspectives on AI. Scott Galloway, digital marketing specialist, emphasized the importance of learning to use AI efficiently. Leonardo Simões, from TTEC for Google, discussed how AI can optimize processes and improve work efficiency. Rafael Rocha, from Payface, and Rafaela Herrera, from Sirius Educação, also shared insights about the importance of AI and the challenges it presents.

🚀 Conclusion:

It’s a bit frustrating to see that Artificial Intelligence is still very much used as a marketing buzz word by many companies. I saw many startups talking a lot about AI and that they are using AI, but, in reality, many did not have a real AI solution in their products. And many large companies that were present showed that they were not truly prepared to adopt AI on a large scale in their organizations or even have a high-level conversation about it. Leaving this negative point aside, there were many companies doing serious work when it comes to AI (some of them were our clients), but it is still very good to see that there is progress and that the market is accelerating more and more investments in AI, making it happen and achieving fantastic results with this technology. For those who have not started or have not yet achieved results, count on me and the entire Hop AI team.

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